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The Art of The Picture Frame

Howard Hodkins might not be the obvious choice when it comes to presenting the story of framing. He utilizes the frame with respect of his painting. Not the other way round. He is a good example though of how far have we gone with respect of presentation. So where does the story begin?

The frame has started its journey as a boarder, perhaps a boarder of an object as simple as a vase. Early boarders/frames are seem in tomb paintings, later used on mosaic and decorative panels. The frame's ability to highlight the story was used to enclose and highlight narrative scenes.

Early Christianity utilized the frame when engraving edgings ofivory book covers, moving to diptichs and alterpieces.

The frame has developed through centuries and vernacula of each country and region, its economic and cultural influences.

Its purpose has changed from purely decorative to also protect the object it enclosed, the frame highlights the story/artwork.

Some artists made their own frames or members of their family took part in designing them. The process and creativity is unquestionable.

Quirky flexible frames could change dimentions to accomodate various sizes of artwork to present the "finished" piece to the buyers.

What is all the full about?

The frame finishes the artwork.

Everyman Art Gallery provides bespoke framing services, advice and guidance with artwork as well as other object you would like to protect in a suitable frame. Contact us for more details.

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