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 Pauline Parsons  

The human form provides a constant stimulus in my work, often expressing self-reflection, solitude or isolation. 

Aspects of existence, 'The Human Condition', and the buddhist philosophy of non-attachment are themes I explore using metaphors to convey the problems of communication - real or imagined barriers, the illusion of freedom, and man's conditioned response to the human situation. 

The human interpretation of reality, restricted not only by obstacles of habit and prejudice, but also by the limitations of the senses, is another recurring theme that influences my work. 

That humans are able to live their lives with the awareness of the transitory nature of their existence is an enigma which is prompting new sculptural ideas.







Young Woman (reclining)
Tasha with a Dog
"Limits we did not set.."
So free we seem...
The Narrow Realms...
"Reaching Out"
Listeners II
Girl with a Pillow
Female Nude
Male Nude
Star Gazers
Star Gazer II
Star Gazer lll
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