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 Sabine Kusmaul  

Trained as a fashion designer Sabine soon moved into commercial illustration to completely focus on drawing. Now she produces artwork based on her fascination with networks of lines and Earth’s surface textures, combining painted canvases with stitched drawings on transparent fabric. Architecture and constructed elements in landscapes feature prominently in Sabine’s work. “Similar to how garments house a human body an dcontribute to its relationship between the person who ”owns” it and its environment, buildings relate to us and our environment. They provide shelter, they enable a way of living but can also hold feelings, memories or ideas. I am intrugued by this context.”

Soft Rain Starting,Marine Gardens
Cloud City
Simons Interior Exterior Vision
Cool Cloud on Memory Space
Crowded Memories
New Technology, Ancient Waters
Oil Rig Hotel
Organic Splash on Cliff City
Fragmented Desires: Before the Momen
Fragmented Desires: Sinking in
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