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 Helena Hůlová  

Helena Hůlová (1979) is a Czech born artist living in Didsbury, Manchester.


Helena moved to the UK, Hampstead, London in 1999 where she studied fine art and drawing with Wynn Jones at Hampstead School of Art. 

She moved to Didsbury, 

Manchester in 2004 to complete her degree in Interior Architecture. 


Later, Helena qualified as a legal interpreter DPSI Law, and is currently studying law at BPP St James, Manchester. 

Helena's artwork is mainly but not only figurative, intuitively exposing the gentleness and fragility of human spirit in the physical form.  

Being a mother gave Helena an opportunity to work closely with children, cooperate and observe them, she often chooses the subject of her children, music they play and everyday activities and opportunities to catch the glimpse of happiness in everyday life. Art has to fit into our daily life, it is a spiritual practice. 

Her still lifes are often incidental in the choice of subject even though she most often choses the lifespan of flowers to express herself.  One reads most from the instinctive use of colour and relationship of forms. The colour and forms relate in a way that depicts the point of inner reflection and resolution. 

Helena's practice focuses on process of making art, noting state of mind and emotional need for art. It is for this reason that Helena set up Everyman Art Gallery in 2010 after having run Didsbury Life Drawing for some time. She saw the need for art in Manchester to be promoted, and to facilitate opportunities for practice.

Art is a spiritual bath. You dip in and come out a different person. 









Sleeping Muse, 2009
MARY 1, 2009
Metamorphosis 1, 2010
Reflection 1, 2010
Reclining Man, 2010
Cooling Ablaze, 2010
Restful Moon, 2009
Rob's Roses, 2012
Still Life with a Blue Vase, 2013
John's Garden, 2013
Flowers of M.
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