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 Barry White 

Prolific artist of international scale.
Born and bred in Manchester, Barry studied art at a college in Wigan, received a painting scholarship and went off to Goldsmith Collage. Following his studies, Barry went to live and paint in Cornwall and London and taught art at Bolton College, Salford University, also visiting lecturer at Wolverhampton, Cardiff Colleges of Art and MMU, was a Senior lecturer of Art and Design at Manchester Polytechnic and lecturer at the School of Art Institure of Chicago. 

Untitled 1.10
Untitled 1.11
Untitled 11.10
Untitled 7.11
Untitled 8.10
Untitled 8.11
Untitled 9.10
Untitled 09.10
Untitled 6.10
Untitled 2
Untitled 1
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