Bob Jenkins  

Robert Jenkins has been described as a complex and determined personality and his background tends to confirm this impression. 
Living on a canal boat for seven years was what finally gave Robert the isolation nedded to concentrate solely on painting, and during this period he developed the skill and insight which led one newspaper critic to describe his technique as “consumate” and another to call his works “seductively exotic”. 

After paring down his imagery and returning to what he considered to be the root and bases for all subsequent painting, cubism, Robert now paints figurative images that are momentarily distured by traces of cubism. His overriding concerns are to respect the integrity of the canvas in a way that Cezanne might have approved of, and to produce heightened reality that increases the expressive power of the image. 

In recent years Robert and his wife traveled widely, stimulating Robert to paint images of people from South East Asia, Japan, Cambodia and India. He has exhibited widely showing in London, Paris, Amsterdam, St Cere, Dublin and mostly Manchester, his home town. 

Robert’s taken part in group as well as numerous solo exhibitins from1980 to now in places including: Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, Ginnel Gallery in Manchester, Gorky Basmadjian Gallery in Paris, Gallery Vendome in Paris, Chalk Farm Gallery in London, Kingston Hill Gallery in London, Galerie d’Hotel Victor Hugo in St Cere, France

Rob passed away in 2015 in his beloved France. 

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