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 Louise Naimian  

Louise was born in Manchester in 1951. Between 1970 and 1974 she attended Manchester College of Art and obtained a diploma and higher diploma in textile design. 

For the following five years she had success selling her textile and wall covering designs to companies such as Dorma and Crown. 

During the mid to late seventies, her travels through the Middle East influenced her choice of colour and shape as well as her perception of landscape. 

Today she paints mostly abstract landscapes and cityscapes throughout which her choice of subject matter and colour are both popular and exciting. The work is purely her impression of the subject and the atmosphere in the scene. 

Louise has widely exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Manchester area, in galleries including Blyth, Troubadour, Waterside and others. 

Louise has also been The Editor's gallery choice in The Artist magazine for December 2010. 

Night Flowers
Strawberry Moon
Dance of the Tulips
Tangerine Fields, 2010
Blue Hills
Spring Has Sprung
Patchwork Village, 2010
Night Frost, 2010
Dawn of Promise
Fields of Flowers, 2010
Green Fields, 2010
Harvest Gold, 2010
The  Bridge, 2010
The  Lakes, 2010
Village on the Hill, 2010
Calm Before Storm
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