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Patrick Cunningham: Hindsight

28th May - 2nd July 

curated by Helena Hulova-Sharpe,Everyman Art Gallery

hosted by Stockport Art Gallery


Patrick is a true experimental and intellectual artist. He studied architecture as his first degree but could not help the urge and enbarked on a more painterly journey completing his second degree in Fine Art / Painting. 


At the exhibition you will see 3D prints (3D glasses provided) giving the voice to the Greek mythology. You can experience the Three Fates in 3D (my personal favourite).


His drawings and prints on the show expose his interest in texture, patience, and reveal a worldly story from Greek Mythology or another worldly wisdom which all come at easy to Patrick.


The show stopping large scale paintings depicting the journey of cotton give the name to the exhibition.  "Cotton Pickers", a large oil on canvas appreciated for its  atmospheric feel, one learns about the tedious task of painting with cotton buds and other details of Patricks painstaking work to reflect the facts of the history and also the link to the materials used in making. The series follows on with  "Millworkers",  "Royal Exchange" interlinking several time periods and making us think about the capitalist cycle with "Heaton Hall". "Theatre" is the last of the series which gives one space to reflect.....


Included in the show is a number of portraits, with most technically accomplished "Nora in Black". The artist's great aunt who herself worked in a cotton mill as Back Tenter and suffered with ill health as many of the other mill children did.


Patrick's work is always evolving. His ideas are well and carefully captured, technically captivating and always suprising one way or another. The artist does not let your mind rest. Once seen his work, you want to know more about the subject. Sophisticated visual feast with food for thought all in one. Not to be missed.


Patrick's work will occupy the large upstairs gallery and will be available for hire and purchase - suitable for large foyers, and (not only) corporate spaces. 





Exhibition in your office building?

Everyman Art Gallery provides artwork for private and public sector to liven up and enrich their environment. We have years of curating and consultancy experience and have background in art, design and interior architecture. The mixture in the pot allows us to understand the clients' needs and work around various types of exhibiting spaces.    

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