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Royal Exchange
Colour White
John's Garden
Cotton Pickers
Still Life with a Blue Vase
Old Lansdown Road
Nora in Black
Tin Car Rally
Sleeping Muse
Young Woman reclining


Art workshops

our Facebook page offers number of online sources to keep you busy and inspired during Corona Virus breakout. 

Any artists who would like to contribute, get in touch, no matter what media you work in - visual, music, ...acting/drama. We look forward to hearing from you. 


One Painting a Day 
an online exhibition promoting art and mental health at the time of home isolation and lockdown during Corona Virus.
Check our Facebook page. 
CALL FOR ARTISTS - please send us your daily work to inspire others. 

CORONA_ One Painting a Day

                                      various artists                 check out Facebook page

photo-61 copy_edited.JPG
helena blue vase.jpg

Images:    Nick Walker              Ariella Green              Helena Hulova

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